Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chapter fourteen

May 4, 2010

A year later and I have found myself in the same spot I was in right before graduation: waiting to hear back from Thodos about a company position.

Well…I’m not in the EXACT same spot as I was last May I suppose. I’m a year wiser and have had many new life experiences. Above all else, this past year has made me eternally thankful for all I have been given, be it in the dance realm or in life.

I’ve always been a believer in, “if you work hard things will come to you,” but sometimes working hard is not the only deciding factor. Sometimes it’s being at the right place and the right time; sometimes it’s by the flip of a coin (seriously, it’s happened); sometimes it’s based on if you made a better first impression than someone else; and sometimes it’s just fate. The point is, you never know when good things will happen to come your way and you have to remain humble and thankful. I’ve learned this.

Many things have happened since my last update.

The Thodos 2009-2010 season ended with my best show of the year. I re-auditioned for the company (won’t hear back til May 15 so don’t ask until then, please). I’ve been applying for teaching jobs around the city and its suburbs and have for sure landed one. I have not gotten further than creating my home page on my website…mostly because the photos haven’t been showing up and I’m frustrated about that...and also because I no longer have down time (hence why I have not done an update in months).

I am still working on my photography but I haven’t uploaded any photos in a while. Most of my work has involved shooting the photos for Molly Etsy page. I have been taking some nice summer shots of the city, as well.

On a completely unrelated topic I met a guy. He’s phenomenal. I’m happy. He lives in St. Paul…I live in Chicago…bummer. This, however, is not the forum for such topics.

My upcoming travel plans: I leave for NYC this weekend to audition for the Madison Square Garden Christmas Show and to visit my brother. I will also be making my way home for Memorial Day weekend AND for Rock the Garden. Happy times!

I guess that about does it. I’ll make sure to let y’all know the out come of all of my past and future auditions. Until then!

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