Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chapter two

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It’s the weekend and I have officially been in Chicago for a week. I still miss Minneapolis and everyone there but I’m feeling more confident here.

The week has been surprisingly uneventful. All I did was attend class and then either went back to my place or went to hang out with Naomi (who also moved here from St. Louis Park). One afternoon after class I went to Evanston and ran into Scott – a very pleasant surprise. There is a sweet thrift shop in downtown Evanston called Crossroads Trading Co. It reminds me of Everyday People only some of the items are new. They buy, sell and trade clothes/shoes/hand bags and if you choose to use a recycled bag the company donates 5 cents to charity. Pretty sweet, huh?

The people at Thodos are pretty cool. I still don’t really know them but I have a feeling this will change quickly. One even lives across the street from me…talk about random! The other interns and I have orientation Wednesday so for now, all I have done is take class with the company.

Today I went to The Dance Colective audition. I made it all the way through but just got an e-mail which said, “Unfortunately, I am writing to let you know that while we did enjoy your dancing that I am not inviting you to our callbacks!” I’m actually happy with this outcome because had I been offered the job I would have had to turn it down. You see, The Dance Colective does not pay their dancers for rehearsals, only for performances (and it does not seem like they perform too often). Since the company rehearses in the evenings and my mornings are devoted to Thodos, my potential job prospects would have been severely cut…and I already have a job prospect at the Harris Theater…I have an interview on Monday.

If hired by the theater I would be selling tickets. It would be similar to what I did at the Southern only on a more regular, weekly basis.

Right now I do not have my own connection to the Internet. I don’t remember if I said it in my last post but I have a very week connection to some unknown wireless source and have been going to the library to check my mail. Tomorrow however an RCN (Chicago’s non-Comcast cable company) technician will hookup my place with working Internet. Happy. I will finally be able to catch up on Weeds and other shows.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. I have the week of August 24 and Labor Day week off from Thodos so if it works out with whatever job I find, I will try to come back home to MPLS. I miss it so!

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  1. I miss you!

    I also miss dancing everyday. Money's gonna be tight, so I'm looking at two classes a week at best. I may have to live vicariously through you the next two years... ;)

    Enjoy the Windy City!